Six8 Investments, a division of Six8 Advisors, manages portfolios for the benefit of Six8 Advisors and their clients.  The portfolios are comprised of ETF and mutual funds, executed on the Cambridge Investment Research Wealthport Platform and reviewed not less than quarterly by the Six8 Investment Committee.   

The Mercy Series incorporates some active management with the goal of meeting targeted return objectives through a mix of total return and downside protection.

The Justice Series is strategically managed for long-term buy & hold clients and consists of targeted asset allocations.

Custom Portfolios are designed to meet the investing goals of a single household and may incorporate many different strategies and investment options, including: ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.  Minimums Apply. See your Advisor for Details

The Humility Series is comprised of mutual funds and ETFs screened according to faith-based investing principles.