We recently surveyed a few of our clients to find out what led them to partner with an Advisor for the first time.  Based on this feedback we identified four key questions to ask yourself about your financial life.  Are you in any of these situations?  How would you answer these questions?

Do you have investable assets that are not managed or not managed appropriately?  Assets that are not appropriately managed can be a real issue.   An Advisor helps you assess your goals, your risk tolerance, and your investment priorities. An Advisor helps you build a portfolio that matches your investment strategy, helps you monitor investment performance, and helps manages your assets over time.

Do you have financial goals such as buying a house, saving for college or saving for retirement?  Do you have a written plan to help you attain these goals? An advisor helps you build a financial plan based on our goals and dreams, helps you implement the plan, helps you monitor your progress and helps you update your plan as life happens.

Are you getting close to retirement? Do you have a plan on how to spend your assets during retirement?  Managing your money in retirement is important to making sure your money will last.  An advisor helps you create a budget based on your anticipated retirement income.  An advisor will help you estimate your expenses and help you determine when and how to withdraw your retirement assets.

Are your finances a mess?  Many Americans struggle to understand their finances and how to create a plan to fix their budget.  An advisor can help you get organized, understand your weaknesses and help you stay accountable to your financial plan.