Most people think that Financial Advisors are about managing millions of dollars by choosing investments, and they are partly right.  However, most people forget that advisors can only invest what you have and that a real problem in the middle class is a lack of planning and financial discipline.  This is where a fee-based advisor can make a difference in a family’s financial future.  When we are sick, a physician diagnoses the problem and prescribes a course of treatment.  The doctor then follows up with the patient to ensure the treatment is working.  Why don't families take that approach to their finances?  


Instead of seeking help, people often "self-medicate" with a concoction of internet news, advice and self-help treatments, when, in many cases, what they need is an objective opinion specific to their situation and a prescription or "plan" to help them get where they want to be...    Sound familiar?   Part of working with a professional, whether a physician or a financial advisor is the routine check-ups to ensure that the plan is working.


So why don't more Americans work with Advisors?  Misconception?  Lack of Knowledge?  Fear?  There could be a multitude of answers to that question, but a partnership with a planner can often result in not only a great plan, but also a more stress free life and solid financial future.