Anyone with the appropriate securities license and contact with a 401k provider can “sell” a 401k plan, but that does not make them a 401k specialist.  A 401k Specialist has a process for helping companies manage their plan, and for helping employees improve retirement readiness through education and one-on-one advice.  A true 401k Advisor will…

  • Monitor plan requirements
  • Proactively schedule the necessary meetings and reviews
  • Help you benchmark your plan
  • Assess your providers on a routine basis.
  • Create and manage a participant education campaign
  • Offer one-on-one advisory services
  • Become a plan fiduciary or co-fiduciary
  • Gauge the benefits of fiduciary outsourcing
  • Be in front of and engaged with your participants.

So?  Is your 401k Advisor a 401k Advisor?  If not, give us a call.

At Six8 Advisors, we not only focus on retirement plans, we focus on small to mid-sized plans just like yours.   Ask us our about our one-time 401k Check-up or ongoing Plan Advisory Services. 

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