In the old days, there were often two types of 401k “guys”

1.  The commissioned guy who was paid to place your plan with a 401k company and was not responsible for ongoing support or service.

2. The advisor who focused on the investments within the 401k and convinced us that managing a fund line-up was time consuming, required extreme skill and took quantitative acumen. 

In the last few years the proliferation of new technologies combined with lower cost funds and low-cost 3(38) advisory services has paved the way for a new breed of 401k advisor.  Instead of locked in their office evaluating funds or simply selling you a plan and walking away; the next generation 401k advisor helps you manage the plan, emphasizes retirement education and seeks retirement readiness for your employees.  A “new school” 401k specialist understands that the goal of 401k is retirement readiness.

So, Is your Advisor old school or new school? 

At Six8 Advisors, we not only focus on retirement plans, we focus on small to mid-sized plans just like yours.   Ask us our about our one-time 401k Check-up or ongoing Plan Advisory Services. 

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